Saturday, 23 March 2013

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David and I are opening our exhibition at Art Matters in Tenby on Easter Saturday, if you are in the area please do come and say hello.
The western fringes of the British Isles, have always exerted a strong influence on my painting. The stories, myths and legends, the ancient stones and the marks left by prehistory are evident everywhere. The cottages and farms, hunkered down among the rocks in their struggle to survive the Atlantic fury, show clear evidence of the ingenuity of past generations. Even today, in many places, the same building methods are used to protect homes from the violence of the weather.
Farm Above Dinas Cross JK s
Farm above Dinas Fach, Pembrokeshire

In Pembrokeshire especially, the buildings have a unique character, that  makes them a gift for the artist. Like many other painters I am bewitched by this charm. The rugged coastline provides a never-ending bounty of subjects. At every twist and turn of the shoreline another inspiring view appears.
I am fortunate indeed that Pembrokeshire is David’s home county. Through his intimate knowledge of every nook and cranny we have explored fascinating and stimulating places and although we have travelled the world together, it is to Pembrokeshire that I always long to return.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been having problems with your WordPress blog. I'm a bit of a WordPress expert so if there's anything I can do to help please let me know :-)

  2. Hi ian

    Thanks very much for your kind offer. The problem has been that the blog is part of our new website and we had problems with notifications of new posts. It seems to be working now but I will be sure to contact you if I need help in the future. You are very kind to offer. Thanks