Sunday, 31 July 2011

My first blog

Blogging seems to be the new way to communicate and it offers many possibilities. I will be using this blog to offer hints and tips on painting and announcing news of events that David and myself are organising. Maybe the odd profound thought might creep in as well.

Visual Art tries to communicate without words and I hope the image above says something to you. This is Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire. I sketched this scene on a stormy February day and painted it in pastel later in my studio. I can still feel the salt on my skin when I look at it. I hope it says something to you.

Pastel is a superb medium for conveying atmosphere, and this allows you to put more emotion into your paintings. This painting is from my new book 'Painting with Pastels'

Communication has changed so much in my lifetime and this new way of reaching people, including complete strangers, still seems like science fiction to me. However, it doesn't really matter if you use two tin cans with string between them or zeros and ones clicking down a telephone line, the important thing is the interaction. Please leave your comments - I want to hear them.


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  2. Hi Jenny! Great to see you and David have a blog. I'll be following and looking forward to each entry. Thank you.

  3. Looking forward to followng your blog, Jenny.


  4. Wow, the start of a great adventure for you! I'm looking forward to following your hints and tips, and to absorbing and learning everything I can from the wonderful works of art you will be posting here. Good luck, and many thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Hi Jenny

    I look forward to following your hints & tips
    on your blog.

    Good luck

  6. Hi Jenny!
    Very impressing - I'm looking forward to follow Your blog.